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It is important for followers of Christ to spend time with other believers. Jesus says that as Christians we are all members of one body, His body. 


Our worship services are casual in dress, but not in expectation. We have high expectations to meet with the living Savior each week as we sing and hear from Him through His word.

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As followers of Jesus we know that we can no longer just hear the word (you know...just showing up on Sundays). We must be doers of the word. Otherwise, we are not truly following Jesus.


Our Gospel Communities (GCs) are Families of Missionary Servants and serve the purpose of helping us to obey God in all His commands and commission.



God has adopted us as His children. We believe if God has made us brothers and sisters we ought to act like family. Families fellowship together, eat together and live life together. 



Our families are families of missionaries. We believe that as Christ was sent, so He sends us, to make disciples that make disciples. Our purpose for gathering as a family is not primarily for bible study or even fellowship, but to encourage one another in our walk with the Lord and to reach our communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



As servants we are committed to serve our communities and others as Christ served us, by giving of ourselves and living as salt and light in the world.


DNA Groups are groups that focus on Discipleship, Nurture, and Accountability. These groups are smaller in nature than our GCs, being made up typically of 3 members of the same gender.


The purpose of these groups is to meet regularly for deeper discipleship. This is where confession of sin, accountability, and deeper discipleship take place. 


Just as DNA determines the health of a body, so do DNA Groups determine the health of the body of Christ. Without being actively involved in biblical discipleship in the context of relationships, we will never be as healthy as we hope to be. 


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