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Journey's Counseling Ministry

If you are hurting, we want to help you.

God has graciously given us all we need for life and godliness in his Word and through His grace. If you are experiencing trials in life, no matter what they may be, God doesn't want you to walk through them alone. At times, there may also be the need to speak and work with someone trained to help.

Journey's counseling ministry is a Biblical Counseling ministry for the church and the community.

I need counsel, what do I do?

To schedule an appointment, please contact as by:

phone: (903) 303-2027

or by email:

Success! Message received.

What is involved, costs, etc.?

Journey's counseling ministry is free. While the counsel is free, there is however high expectations for hard work and faithfulness to do what is revealed in God's Word.

It is typical for a counselee to visit for about an hour per week with a counselor. The counselor will also assign homework based on the particular need and it is expected that the counselee will work diligently to do what is assigned.

Who can come?

Journey's counseling ministry is for anyone. While it exists particularly for our members, it is our joy and honor to extend the grace of God to those in our greater community. Children, adults, married couples, singles, men or women, all are welcome.

What problems do counselors address? Marriage problems, grief, disorders, addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, fears, etc. 

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