Journey's Mission

In line with our purpose, we are on mission to make disciples that make disciples of all nations. We believe strongly that those in this world who have little to no access to the gospel ought to have greater priority in the grand scope of our ministry. There are literally billions on this planet that are born, live, and die without ever hearing the name of Jesus. If one of these persons woke up this morning and had a desire to find out about this man Jesus, they would have no access to a bible, a tract, a church, or even a Christian to find out more about Him. That is tragic, and fuels our passion to get to them before it is too late!


Jesus gave the commission to the church over 2000 years ago to make disciples of all nations. We still have almost half of all People Groups in the world that are Unreached (less than 2% of the population being evangelical Christians). About half of these Unreached People Groups are Unengaged. This means they do not even have a missionary or a church trying to get to them with the gospel. 


We are on a JOURNEY to do something about this. 


We currently have adopted an Unreached People Group we call the AN People. These people live in the mountains of Asia and are steeped in traditional religion and ancestor worship. We are just now starting to see fruit among these people. In 2013 the first 2 churches among this People Group were born and we hope to see a whole Church Planting Movement spread across them like wildfire. 


While we focus our resources and attention on the AN People, we are also given to live our lives in the context of our own community. In this context, we spend our 365 days each year (except those days we are on a mission trip) in different businesses, homes and contexts across our community. We believe it is our job to be ambassadors for Christ in each of these relationships.


This is where we truly "live on mission."

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