2021: Finish the Task

The Lord Jesus, on the day He ascended to heaven, commissioned His disciples, and those that would come after them, to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything He had taught. He didn’t tell them to make a lot of money. He didn’t tell them to have great experiences in this world. He didn’t tell them to chase after their dreams. He was clear that the task before them was what we now call the Great Commission – and they were to give their lives to this task!

Followers of Jesus will give their lives in some way to the mission of God. They will not live as if this world was their home. They will leverage their lives and resources as tools to make disciples of all nations, and as a means to invest in their own eternity.

This Sunday we will begin a quest to “finish the task.” We will not do it alone but will begin assessing where we are in readiness and willingness to be used by God for His purposes with all our lives. We will set our eyes on eternity and draw a line in the sand, raising our flag against the seduction of the riches of this world, and the idols of comfort and security.

Come Sunday! You are a part of His commissioned body and you have to be willing to give your life to His mission in whatever way He calls you.

Come Sunday! The body needs you, and you need the body if we are going to be faithful to our King!

Let’s finish the task!... and let's do it together!

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