Black Boxes and Unfortunate Souls

Whether you like competition or not, you are the object of fierce competition from the moment you wake until you drift to sleep at night. There is a competition for your attention and affection every waking moment of your life. This is the battleground of which the object of your worship is determined.

The competition is for our attention and affection, and I believe we are seeing the battle lost most acutely to the little black box we hold in our hands or have in our pockets. Our cellphones, while merely a computing device with a screen, gives us access to a world that is programmed and calculated to capture our attention and affection like nothing else since the beginning of time. What damage is done when we find ourselves attracted so often to the next image or the newest email? I believe the “desires of the eyes” are in direct competition with our call to believe by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. From the Garden of Eden to today, the lust of the eyes - being attracted to that which the world offers - has led us into separation from God. What might be lost in this competition?... well, your soul.

In our world today, a world filled with little black boxes, I do not think we can wrap our minds around the damage the infinite scroll is bringing to our soul. We are feasting on the world, when Christ is offered in His Word – and our souls are shriveling and dying (I’m reminded of the “poor unfortunate souls” - little, colorless, shriveled souls - in Disney’s Little Mermaid –). Our appetite for reading God’s Words, living words, is diminished to a degree that we can barely focus on one verse, without feeling the impulse to take a glance at the screen. The enemy seems to be winning the battle for our attention, by poisoning us with 10,000 funny and mostly innocent images.

This season, as we reflect on why Jesus came, I want to encourage you to do SOMETHING. Do SOMETHING to curb your appetite for the world and to increase your appetite for the Lord. It may be that you need to pronounce a fast from social media or put your TV away for a month. It may be that you need to confess to the Lord and then to a friend, and to seek accountability for getting back into the Word. Whatever it might be, declare war against the desires of the flesh, and the lusts of the eyes, and start fighting to regain a hunger for Christ. He alone gives life and can satisfy your soul.

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