Sent to find a bride (Gen. 29:1-14)

Sunday, we found ourselves in Genesis 29:1-14, the story of Jacob meeting the future love of his life. Oh, the story gets complicated for sure, but it begins beautifully as we see a father (Isaac) sending his blessed son (Jacob) into a foreign land (toward the east; Babylonish) to find a bride (who would be Rachel). When Jacob sees some shepherds in a field waiting by a well, he engages them and discovers they are from Haran, his destination area, and actually knows Laban – the man he’s looking for. As they were visiting, Rachel, Laban’s daughter arrives on the scene and we see very clearly that God was with Jacob the whole time providentially guiding him.

In the story, we also see the power of God working through Jacob as Jacob himself removes a large stone from a covered well to water Rachel’s sheep. It is clear that God’s promise earlier in Genesis 28:15 is being worked out through the providential guidance of Jacob, the power of Jacob being able to move the stone, and the provision of Rachel at that moment, who would later become his wife, giving us the tribe of Judah, from which will come the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, who is Jesus!

Brothers and sisters, God is not only with those whom He commissions for His purposes, but his presence works itself out in many, many ways. May we have great faith in this reality as we serve our King, knowing that He is with us!

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