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The vision of Journey is pretty straight forward.


We believe we exist as a church family to bring glory to Jesus Christ by making disciples that make disciples of all nations. 


It's not enough to say, "I believe in Jesus"...We want to follow Jesus and He has called us to go into the world to make disciples of all nations. 



One aspect of Jesus' commission to the church that stands out to us is that His disciples are commissioned to make disciples. Because of this, we are on mission to make disciple-making disciples. After all, if a disciple isn't making disciples, then he is no disciple at all. This is a radical shift in thinking for many who have viewed being a Christian as simply someone who believes in Jesus and attends a church regularly. We don't believe that is a biblically accurate view of what a disciple looks like.


In addition to this, we believe the commission reveals God's heart for all nations or People Groups. We cannot simply focus on maximizing our numbers of disciples, but rather we must be intentional about getting the gospel to ALL PEOPLE GROUPS. Journey's heart beats for the billions of people who live in this world with little to no access to the gospel of Jesus. 



The idea of making disciples that make disciples is very scary. For most of us, we have never been intentional about this aspect of our Christian walk, yet this is a fundamental call to all followers. God, in His infinite wisdom, understands just how difficult the task will be, which is why He has given us a very precious promise. Jesus' last recorded words before ascending to heaven were, "Behold, I will be with you to the very end of the age." Jesus knew we would need the promise of His presence to accomplish the task.



He also knew we would need the strength of others. God has given us community to accomplish the task. This is why Journey focuses on our Gospel Community Groups. We believe we are most effective when we attempt to accomplish the task God has given us in the context of a living community of Christ. Our Gospel Communities are "mission outposts" of the larger church body. We gather regularly in smaller groups to pray for one another, be family to one another, to lick our wounds from days of engaging the enemy, for mutual edification and to plan and prepare ourselves to impact our community with the gospel of Jesus. 


We have found that when we work together as a team to fulfill the great commission we are more accountable, more couragous, and more likely to stay on target.

We want to be disciples that increasingly...


TRUST Jesus for all...

Discipleship begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ, born out of faith in Him alone for salvation. However, our discipleship doesn't stop there. Faith is characteristic of a disciple's life. Our lives are radically changed when we earnestly believe all that Jesus has given to us in His Word. 


TREASURE Jesus above all...

Discipleship begins when we place our trust in Jesus, but along with that our faith is a deep abiding love for Him. The Bible speaks of the kingdom of God as a treasure hidden in a field. Discipleship is not simply about believing in Jesus, it is about worship.


TAKE Jesus to all...

Discipleship involves obedience. When a person places their trust in Jesus, treasuring Him above all things, obedience is the natural outflow of that trusting in and treasuring of Christ. The culmination of Jesus' ministry on this earth ended with Him giving His church the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Journey seeks to take Jesus to all. 

Journey's Vision

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