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Finding Joy as we trust, treasure, and take Jesus to all.


Journey was launched the Summer of 2011 with a core group of believers in Sulphur Springs, Texas who felt God had placed them together to reach this community and beyond for the Lord. Through the financial support of the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, Journey was able to receive financial assistance to call Kyle Ray as their full-time pastor January 1, 2012. 


From the beginning, Journey has set out to make disciples that make disciples of all nations. With a focus on God's Word, we are driven to bring glory to Jesus Christ by living out the Gospel in our lives and sharing the Good News to those around us. 



TRUST Jesus for all...

Discipleship begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ, born out of faith in Him alone for salvation. However, our discipleship doesn't stop there. Faith is characteristic of a disciple's life. Our lives are radically changed when we earnestly believe all that Jesus has given to us in His Word. 


TREASURE Jesus above all...

Discipleship begins when we place our trust in Jesus, but along with that our faith is a deep abiding love for Him. The Bible speaks of the kingdom of God as a treasure hidden in a field. Discipleship is not simply about believing in Jesus, it is about worship.


TAKE Jesus to all...

Discipleship involves obedience. When a person places their trust in Jesus, treasuring Him above all things, obedience is the natural outflow of that trusting in and treasuring of Christ. The culmination of Jesus' ministry on this earth ended with Him giving His church the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Journey seeks to take Jesus to all. 


We believe God has commissioned the church to reach the nations. We also believe that we cannot do this alone. The New Testament demonstrates a cooperative effort of churches in fulfilling the great commission. While Journey is an autonomous church, we see to work with other like minded churches for greater impact. Below you will find some of our partners we currently work with to accomplish God's purposes in this world. 


Each of our partners are given to the great commission. 

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